With the continuous achievement of Michael Crichton's Jurassic World, it is only natural to become interested in other full movies which will also be based from his numerous bestselling novels and other functions. Fortunately, Movie25 features most of the free movies that Crichton's brilliant writing has spawned. Should you prefer to watch movie25 online, below are some of the honorable plots you should look out for.

1. WestWorld (1973 movie as well as the 2016 - present TV series)
The majority of Michael Crichton's work centers on science and its devastating effects when in the wrong hands. This is the premise of this sci-fi thriller about a band of murderous androids in a futuristic Western-theme park (kind of like Jurassic Park, but with robots rather than dinosaurs). Westworld has been Crichton's first-ever theatrical attribute and contains superbly shown what sort of story that the guy is capable of. When HBO decided to launch a TV series remake, the story still manages to recapture the crowd and send shivers down their spine.

2. This erotic thriller delves deep into the nature of sexual harassment and energy arrangements. Based on a novel of the identical name, it tells a tale of dedicated family man Tom Sanders and his battle against his sexually-active boss Meredith. While the movie isn't beloved by critics, the narrative line remained as loyal as possible from the publication, which meant keeping the viewer in the edge of their seats until the end.

3. One of the very few works of Michael Crichton that doesn't involve any kind of technical or science knowledge, the FIrst Great Train Robbery is a action-packed movie full of interesting dialog and terrific visuals. Also, with all the excellent Sean Connery playing with the gentleman thief Edward Pierce, there is no doubt in mind this is the 1 ride you should not miss.