Get to know the chosen machine. Use the play money version to set the ideal bet size, and be careful to see if the paylines can be varied. We generally recommend slot machines where you can decide how many paylines you want to activate. For a game with fixed paylines, the stakes are correspondingly higher, because the coin value per line must always be multiplied by the number of active paylines.

Divide your budget

• Never bet more than you can risk or lose. No player has unlimited money available. No matter how high or low your personal budget is, you should always calculate how fast it could be in case of a losing streak.

• Promotions from online casinos can be crucial: any action can help, as it shifts the slight imbalance between player and casino in your favor.

Do not be afraid of high stakes: there are slots where higher stakes are more worthwhile because you have better chances for progressive profits. Here you should not be afraid to play higher. That should fit however to your budget - otherwise you would rather stay away from such a machine. You can find more details on online gaming on the site

• Extra games such as Netent Gamble often have no house edge, so they are fairer in contrast to the regular game: so you should be willing to use these games to increase the odds.

• Do not be too greedy: to stop at the right moment is difficult for most people. A fixed goal that stops you makes sure that you can really get the profits.

At NetEnt slots such as Gonzo's Quest or Starburst , at popular Merkur games such as Eye of Horus, the players are often in the crowds even at the online casino on the virtual feet. No matter if there are real reasons for the popularity of these casino games or if they have their popularity solely due to the skilful marketing strategies of their manufacturers, in terms of your chances of winning, it is always worth a look behind the scenes.