Fact: one of the most profitable modes of income for online publishers is the revenues they get from ads in their site. The bond between publishers and advertisers/marketers becomes increasingly strong as they have mutual benefits: the publisher gets paid through ads in their page—marketers/advertisers get paid from sales with the help of advertisement.

From the traditional flyers and other print out advertisements such as in newspapers and magazines, advertisers now go digital, posting advertisements to websites. Advertisers go to advertising platforms such as facebook, twitter, instagram where people are being reached easily than printed advertisements.

However, these platforms are now saturated considering the many advertisers flocking in the platforms, advertisers look for other sites where they can advertise products.

How should publishers increase ad revenue?

Placements of Advertisement

The placement of your ad actually makes big difference. The most common placement of ads is the following: Above the fold; Right of the call to action; mere the ads along with the content. However, you have to make sure that you won’t compromise with the overall user experience of the imtoolsreview.com site. That means that your ad should not confuse the user whether it’s still part of the web or not.

Compare Advertising Networks

Come to think of this: it is a reality in advertising world that there are networks that pay fairly, but others do not. Before you allow them place an add to your website, make sure that they do not just pay well with their advertisement, but also provide advertisement that is of quality and relevance. Surely, you’ll have an increase ad revenue by doing this task.

Stay Updated

This means you stay on trend. Remember, earning in revenues is a continuous process. As you continue to earn from your ads, make sure that you also goes on the trend which actually is consistently changing.