Having fire sprinklers at home is great because it will protect you, your family, and all your things from fire if in case it happens. Having it installed is not that easy so you need to make sure that it is maintained so it can work perfectly when fire is detected. In this article, I will give you some information on how you can make your sprinklers to work well for many years. Learn about Sprinkler systems Kent on www.systematikmande.co.uk.

Protect the sprinklers in simple ways

To protect your sprinklers, make sure that there is nothing that blocks it. Do not hang plants or lamps near the sprinkler and don’t even think of using sprinkler head pipes as hooks or rods because it may be damaged even if what you are hanging is lightweight. If you are going to paint the rooms where there are sprinklers, protect it by covering the sprinklers with plastic.

Make sure the valve is always open

There may be instances that your valve may be closed so it is your responsibility to always check it regularly to make sure it is open. To know it is open, the control is in line with the pipe. It is closed if the control is at right angle position with the pipe.

Always test the water flow

It is important that the water is flowing perfectly on the pipe and the amount of water is sufficient enough. You need to test the rate of the water flow at least once a year. To do that, you need to find the flow test valve of the system. Do not forget to let the fire department know that you will be conducting a test if your fire sprinkling system is connected to a central alarm. After informing them, start the test by opening the control valve. When the water starts running, let it run for a minute. It will make a sound if you have an alarm on your system. Turn off the valve then write down the date you conducted the test.